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Avancini SP40-3 88lb Italian Spiral Dough Mixer 2-speed/3-Phase

The Avancini Italian-made Spiral Dough Mixers are easily the highest quality dough mixers for the money available today. They have a phenomenal track record of quality, offer extremely large capacities for pizza and bakery dough needs and many models offer the convenience of single-phase electrics. That said there is only one major drawback to these mixers and that is the fact that they must be SPECIALLY-ORDERED FROM ITALY WHICH CREATES A 9-12 WEEK LEAD TIME FROM ORDERING. As a result, if you need a mixer today or within the next 2 months, unfortunately these units are simply NOT an option for you however if you can wait the necessary 3 month lead time, this is definitely the spiral dough mixer of choice.The Avancini spiral dough mixers are specially made for mixing dough and only dough – they come with a fixed stainless steel high-strength spiral dough hook and no other attachments or accessories are available. As such, these units are ideal for pizza shops and bakeries as they perform exceptionally well with dry dough types such as pizza dough and doughnut dough as well as traditional moister dough types such as heavy bread and roll dough, pie dough and whole wheat dough.This SP series of Avancini mixers will greatly reduce the usual mixing time of traditional machines. They come with a stainless steel bowl, the fixed high-strength spiral dough hook and a safety device that stops the machine when the bowl cover is lifted. The best aspect of these mixers is the quality as the Italian quality is FAR better than China-made imports that cost nearly the same. As a result of this quality difference, you�ll see the Capacity Limits for these models are exceptionally high, allowing you to mix much larger batches than competitor models.This listing is for the SP40 2-Speed, THREE-Phase model, which is rated at 40kg capacity and therefore allows for a 88lb batch of dough. This 2-speed version has a 1.9/1.5hp 2-speed motor, a 220v THREE-phase electrics requirement and weighs 273 lbs while occupying a small footprint at (LWH) 32 x 19 x 37.4. This same size/same capacity mixer is ALSO available as a 1-speed unit with 1-Phase Electrics Requirement – please ensure you order the correct one for your needs as these mixers are special-ordered and as a result there are NO cancellations or refunds or changes that can be made once ordered.IMPORTANT NOTES: This is a SPECIAL ORDER item imported from Italy just for you. As such, the following restrictions apply: Lead time is 9-12 weeks plus another week to ship the item to you once received at our warehouse. You only pay the Freight charges from our warehouse to your Business however as a result, there are NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS OR CHANGES THAT CAN BE MADE ONCE ORDERED. These units also come brand new with a 1-year PARTS only warranty however any certified commercial kitchen repair company can work on it with ease. We DO stock some parts at the NY warehouse such as Circuit Boards and Switches however we do not stock many other parts as we have never had one of these units fail, which is a testament to their quality.

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